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Südtirol Ultrarace
Extreme running race along the high mountain trail

The all new Südtirol Ultra Skyrace 2022

Sarentino, 2 December 2021 - After the slimmed-down 2021 edition, which only offered the two "short" routes of the extreme mountain race along the horseshoe shaped Hufeisen tour in the Sarntal Alps, the organisers of the Südtirol Ultra Skyrace are pulling out all the stops again. At the last weekend in August 2022, all four distances will start in Bolzano and, with one exception, all will finish in Sarentino.

The Ultra Skyrace is the longest and most extreme trail run in South Tyrol. The 121 kilometres long route of the race with an elevation gain of 7500 meters that was first organised in 2013 has always started in Bolzano. Following the shape of a horseshoe, the route runs across Corno del Renon, Forcella di Sarentino, Croce di Lazfons, Forcella Vallaga and Passo di Pennes on to Corno Bianco, and then via Punta Cervina to the Omini di Sasso, the Alp Möltner Kaser and San Genesio back to Bolzano.

The 9th edition of this extreme sports event that will take place from 26 to 28 August 2022, is a little different. For the first time, the finish will not be in the city on the river Talvera but 16 kilometres north in Sarentino. "The participants run the last kilometres from Auener Joch pass in the direction of Alp Möltner Kaser, then on to the Omini di Sasso and via Putzer Kreuz downhill to Sarentino, where they cross the finish line at the Haberle Anger parish fair site. The length of the route will not change very much and will remain more or less the same with 116 kilometres and 7276 metres of elevation gain", Josef Günther Mair, chair of the organising committee of the Südtirol Ultra Skyrace, explained.

The Südtirol Skyrace finishes at Passo di Pennes

On Saturday, 27 August, the finishers of the Südtirol Sky Marathon (42.2 km/2585 m elevation) and the Südtirol Sky Trail (27 km/1800 m elevation) will also arrive in the main town in Val Sarentino. At the last edition, the shortest distance of the extreme sports event was already run in the reverse. A change that was highly praised by the endurance athletes and was therefore retained.

The Südtirol Skyrace, on the other hand, will undergo a complete change of route. The participants tackling the second longest distance will start at the same time as the Ultra runners and finish their race after 63 kilometres and 4143 metres elevation gain at Passo di Pennes, where the finish of the Südtirol Skyrace will be located from now on.

A restart for the whole extreme sports event

“For our organising committee, the 2022 edition signifies a complete restart. We want to continue everything that is good about the event and improve the points that had maybe not been so perfect. The start of the Südtirol Ultra Skyrace on Piazza Walther in Bolzano is an absolute highlight for the participants and will remain unchanged. For safety reason, we will, however, move it forward to 5:00 pm”, Mair said.

He continued saying that the atmosphere in Sarentino was always fantastic, and that the organisers had therefore decided to set up the finish for almost all distances there. "When redesigning the 63 km distance, the consideration that we wanted to accommodate the Ultra participants who give up at Passo di Pennes played an important role. As the finish of one of the distances is located there now, we can evaluate the endurance athletes who completed half the distance and who get the points for the ITRA ranking", the organisers added.

Registration opened on 1 December

Registrations for the Südtirol Ultra Skyrace and the three other distances opened on 1 December at the official event website www.suedtirol-ultraskyrace.it. Everyone interested can also view the new route data there.

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