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Südtirol Ultrarace
Extreme running race along the high mountain trail

Südtirol Ultrarace: A challenging original distance

Sarentino, 12 April 2023 - 119 kilometres, 7850 metres elevation gain - these figures alone are proof that the Südtirol Ultrarace on the original course is anything but a walk in the park. Technically extremely demanding passages, which require surefootedness and a head for heights, add extra spice to the extreme mountain run along the horseshoe shaped Hufeisen tour in the Sarentino Alps from 25 to 27 August 2023.    

At the last weekend in August, the extreme athletes have 38 hours to complete the Südtirol Ultrarace 119K with an elevation gain of almost 8000 metres. The first challenge awaits the participants right after the starting signal on Friday, 25 August at 5 pm. Over a distance of 22.5 kilometres, the first part of the route leads from the Bolzano basin (265 metres altitude) almost exactly 2000 metres up to Corno del Renon - and all this in the sweltering heat that can still prevail at the end of August in the capital of Italy's northernmost province.

Once arrived on the Renon mountain from where there are magnificent views of the surrounding mountains such as the Dolomites, the Gruppo del Brenta or the Stubai, Ötztal and Zillertal Alps, the route continues through constant ups and downs first up to Forcella di Sarentino (2460 metres altitude), then back down to Stöfflhütte (2057), up to the Alpine hut on Croce di Lazfons (2311), on to the Forcella di S.Cassiano (2299) to Tellerjoch (2520) and the Rifugio di Forcella Vallaga (2481), before reaching Passo di Pennes (2211) after 63 kilometres - and thus a little more than half of the route.

The key point on the second part of the route is Punta Cervina

The "second half" begins with the ascent of Giogo di Frane (2555) before the mountain runners descend almost 1000 metres to tackle the ascent to Alpler Nieder (2624) via Ebenbergalm. Afterwards, all energy reserves must once again be marshalled in order to successfully master another key section a short while later - Punta Cervina (2698). Although it is still almost 30 kilometres from the summit to the finish in Sarentino - but the worst is now over for the extreme trail runners.

The last legs on the total 119 kilometre adventure are Lago San Pancrazio (2120), the Kesselberg (2300), Rifugio Merano (1960), Alp Möltner Kaser (1768), Omini di Sasso (2000) and Croce di Pozza (1630), which is passed on the final descent to the main town of Sarentino (970).

Alexander Rabensteiner is the record winner

Local knowledge seems to be an advantage at the Südtirol Ultrarace. To date, there have only been foreign winners in 2019. The men's race was won by Austrian Gerald Fister - at the same time as Josef Thaler from Ultimo - and the women's race was won by Hungarian Ildiko Wermescher. Record winner at the Südtirol Ultrarace is Alexander Rabensteiner. The athlete from Chiusa has won the extreme mountain run along the Horseshoe Tour in the Sarntal Alps a total of four times (2013, 2014, 2015, 2018). Daniel Jung from Naturno has two successes to his name (2016, 2017). Last year, Georg Piazza from Val Gardena triumphed at the Südtirol Ultrarace, which ended in Sarentino for the first time in 2022.

In the women's category, Annemarie Gross from Sarentino, who lives in Merano, entered the list of winners three times (2013, 2014, 2015). In 2016, was the hour of Irene Senfter from Lana; in the following years Maria Kemenater (2017/Sarentino), Anna Pedevilla (2018/La Villa in Val Badia) and Regina Spieß (2022/Sarentino) won the race.

Registrations for the Südtirol Ultrarace 2023 are still possible at www.ultrarace.it

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