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Südtirol Ultrarace
Extreme running race along the high mountain trail

Südtirol Ultrarace: Planning for the anniversary edition is well under way

Sarentino, 8 November 2022 - for the 10th edition of the Südtirol Ultrarace from 25 to 27 August 2023, the organising committee reverts to the original name of this extreme mountain run along the horseshoe shaped Hufeisen tour in the Sarntal Alps. As in the past, all interested mountain runners are offered the choice of four unique routes in breath-taking scenery.

The very first edition of the Südtirol Ultrarace took place in July 2013. At that time there was only a single distance, 121 kilometres long, with an altitude differential of 7500 meters, which could be run either alone or in teams of two. The route has remained part of the programme of the extreme mountain run along the Hufeisen tour in the Sarntal Alps, although some small yet important changes have been made. The finish is no longer on the Prati del Talvera in Bolzano but, after a total of 119 kilometres and 7850 metres of ascent on the Sarentino sports grounds.

“In the trail scene, the Südtirol Ultrarace is immediately associated with our “King’s distance”. Participants confirm year after year that it is technically extremely challenging. An absence of vertigo and surefootedness, as well as fitness, are absolute prerequisites for meeting this challenge. The Südtirol Ultrarace doesn't run past the Three Peaks or the Sella massif - but at our event in the heart of South Tyrol the participants certainly have the most beautiful view of the majestic surrounding mountains," promises OC President Josef Günther Mair, who brought the event to life together with "inventor" Jakob Oberrauch, CEO of Sportler AG. The starting signal for this great adventure will be given on Friday, 25 August at 17:00 on Piazza Walther in Bolzano.

New route for the second longest distance

The previous second distance no longer exists. Instead, participants in the Südtirol Ultrarace are offered a choice of three “shorter” distances. The second longest is 63 kilometres with an altitude differential of 3550 metres and has been given a new route just in time for its 10th anniversary. After the start on Saturday, 26 August at 6:30 from Piazza Walther in Bolzano the participants race up Corno del Renon, then on to Stöfflhütte, to Rifugio Latzfonser Kreuz/S. Croce di Lazfons and from there descending via Getrum Alm to the finish in Sarentino.

“We had carefully analysed the feedback of the participants regarding the night run to Passo di Pennes and we concluded that we needed to work on an alternative. I think that in this respect we have succeeded in creating a really great course, which should appeal to all those athletes for whom a marathon is now too short, but the original distance of the Südtirol Ultrarace is currently still too long. The route has plenty of potential to become a real hit”. Of this, Josef Günther Mair is convinced.

The marathon is a hit

The Südtirol Ultrarace would not be what it is without a marathon distance. At the renowned extreme sport event it has a distance of 45 kilometres and altitude differential of 2750 meters. The start will be on Saturday, 26 August at 7:30, also from Piazza Walther in Bolzano, and a maximum of eleven hours later all participants must have reached the finish in Sarentino. Here, too, the route leads from the Bolzano basin up Corno del Renon then via Forcella di Sarentino to Chiesetta del Morto above Reinswald and finally back to the main town of Sarentino.

“The marathon has long become a very popular classic. The biggest challenge is that the athletes don’t just race on the flat but have to conquer an elevation gain of almost 2800 meters. From a technical point of view, the distance does not pose extreme challenges, but all participants should be used to running in this terrain”, commented Mair.

Something for every taste - including for beginners and hobby runners

The 28-km distance, which also starts on Piazza Walther in Bolzano (Saturday 26 August - 8:00) and which ends after a maximum of 7 hours in Sarentino, is ideal for all beginners of trail running and all hobby runners. However, the route here leads through the centre of Bolzano up to San Genesio, then on to Alp Möltner Kaser and via the stone cairns and the Croce di Pozza to the finish.

“Here too, the technical difficulties are manageable. However, even here, several months of training are an absolute prerequisite for the 'shortest' of the four routes in order to master this challenge," concluded Mair.

The organising committee is still keeping details of the supporting programme for the anniversary edition under its hat. Registrations for the 10th Südtirol Ultrarace opened on 1 November on the official website www.ultrarace.it  

Foto: Wisthaler

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